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Interview de Samantha, l’assistante de langues

Interview :

Samantha Gross, English tutor /assistant

What is your first name ?
Samantha but people call me Sam.

What is your surname ?


Where are you from ?
I’m from Australia

Where do you live ?

I live in Melbourne

What is your favourite place in Australia ?
Its’ Welson’s prom, here there are beautiful beaches.

Why do you want to be teacher ?

I like teaching and telling others what to do.

What do you think about The “SIFA” ?

I think it’s good.

What do you think about our school ?
I like the bell.

Why did you come in New Caledonia and not in France ?

I came because I went on holiday in Vanuatu and I like it, I thought that New Caledonia would be similar.

What do you think about New Caledonia ?
In New Caledonia, people are welcoming and it’s hot.

Where did you go in New Caledonia ?
I went to Chicken rock and Tao cascade.

Have you been to the “Loyalty Islands” ?

I‘ve been to Maré.

What is your favourite place in New Caledonia ?

My favourite place is Hienghen.

Have you eaten traditional food ?
Yes, I have. I have eaten Taros, Yams.

What don’t you like in NC ?
I hate the buses.

Apart from Vanuatu and New Caledonia, where else did you go to ?
I went to Canada, Vietnam, Thailand and Japan.

What would you like to do apart from being a teacher ?
I’d like to work at the UNESCO to conserve art and, heritage.

What’s your favourite kind of literature ?
Historical fiction.

What is your favorite subject ?

What’s your favourite historical place ?
My favourite historical place is Ancien Egypt but I’ve bever been there.

What is your favorite song genre and singer ?
I don’t have a favourite genre but my favourite group at the moment is The Jezabels.

Are you scared of animals ?

Yes, a lot.

Do you have phobia ?

No, I’m not very terrified by one thing but I’m scared by a lot of thing.

What are your favorite hobbies ?

I love singing, eating, reading, swimming.

What is your favourite food ?
I love pastas.

What’s your favourite cake ?
My favourite cake is chocolate cake.

What dish don’t you like ?

I hate clam soup.

What is your favorite sport ?

Badminton, play video game.

What is your favorite animal ?

My favourite animal ?... Seals.

What animal would you like to become ?
A seal, a shark or a whale.

What is your favourite movies ?
I like “MOANA” and the “Avengers‘films”.

What’s your favourite colour ?

My favourite colour is blue.

Do you have dreams ?
Yes, I have. I’d love to go to Mars.

Do you believe in alien ?

Yes, I do.

What is your least favorite place ?
Somewhere closed with no window (offices…)

What would you bring with you if you were on an island ?
A boat.

Do you prefer to socialize with people or do you prefer people to socialize with you ?

I’m lazy, so I prefer people to come and socialize.

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